Lisa McGee Education International Summer Schools

Your child will grow in confidence and maturity

Our Programmes

Key social skills are central to every day at Lisa McGee Education International Summer Schools. A typical day presents multiple opportunities to have fun; try new things; socialise with friends; get active; practise your English; explore the wonderful site and use the amazing facilities.

Your child will grow in confidence and maturity
– using their language skills in new settings
– mixing with national and international students in a range of activities;
– staff role models make sure everyone has the very best time possible;
– making confident choices and nurture mental well being.

Click here for a typical day’s timetable

Barnard Castle School inside

Fun Activities Programme

There’s non-stop fun from the very beginning with icebreakers with our experienced and friendly staff on hand to make your child feel comfortable and at home. Your child will have the best fun with our colour run; themed challenges based on our favourite TV shows; Scavenger hunts; capture the flag; Hunted; Zombie run; Film night and more.

Your child will have time to relax in the beautiful grounds and use all of our site facilities from the local beach (Fyling Hall) to the site swimming pool (Barnard Castle); private woods; astro and games rooms

Your child will try out new things like paddleboarding, bushcraft survival, twisted bingo, Champion of champions, customising challenge, North Yorkshire Bake Off and murder mystery games.

Your child can take part in exciting individual or team activities and will celebrate their personal growth with our prom and graduation ceremony.

All of this and more …

World of Work Programme

Preparing your child for the future we can’t yet see.

This programme has all the right elements to help them challenge themselves including workshops and Masterclasses in STEM and pre-University tasters at North Eastern Universities with professors from Durham, Newcastle and Teesside University.

Your child will grow in confidence in particular in STEM subjects.

Gifted Programme

Stem work

Designed by our Director Lisa McGee M.Ed , a Gifted and Talented Education Specialist.

We use the latest research to show you how to improve your academic performance whilst you are on our International Summer School  and when you return to your own school.

Use a range of thinking skills to unlock your bright future and learn how to strive for excellence.

Buddy Programme

During their time with us, your child will benefit from the supportive community of staff; and other students who always make sure everyone has the very best time possible; that we are inclusive; that we spend time promoting wellbeing and  their mental health.

Personal Challenge Programme

world of work

We support your child to improve themselves with a personal challenge from learning a new language to mastering a new sport  during their residential with us.

Competitions and  quizzes offer your child  the chance to explore and share their personal interests.

Active Mind and Body Programme

astroturf sport

With our high quality facilities , it is easy to stay fit and active. Our highly qualified coaches are committed to ensuring your child can keep as fit as possible with a range of fun activities, sports and team games.

Some of the favourite sports are dodgeball, yoga, basketball and bench ball

English Programme


Your child will have 20 hours of English tuition from qualified and experienced staff who present opportunities to use English language in contexts like University applications; STEM workshops; debate; policy and proposal writing with a mock conference.

Welfare, Well Being and Happiness

You and your child have access to our Welfare team 24 hours a day. This team is dedicated to delivering the highest standards of welfare and well being whilst your child is in our care.

Your child’s mental health and happiness is the most important thing to us as staff, to you as their parents and to your child. We closely monitor your child and ensure they are happy; feel safe and listened to at all times. There is always time to talk; to be heard and your child can choose from any member of staff or any of their new friends.

Contact with home is unlimited but we are so busy having fun and trying new things, you will find your child will be spending time with new friends for most of their time.

As well as Safeguarding, all staff are trained in Mental Health First Aid and meditation. During daily meetings your child can ask questions and raise points or they can talk to staff anytime during day or night, use the worry box or simply talk to one of the caring staff.