Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice

Lisa McGee Education International Summer Schools

Social Justice


Diversity, including neurodiversity, is considered in all of our planning and our Gen Z teens will be able to contribute to this if they have comments at the daily meetings.

Naturally, we have a diverse group of students attend our summer schools and staff too.

Diverse backgrounds

Equity & Inclusion

Equity underpins all of our policies and programmes. In fact, this will be a debate point at  our mini Conference.

Inclusion ensures we all have a sense of belonging ; feel supported and our differences are embraced. Your child will be encouraged to be themselves which will be instrumental in increasing confidence.

Social Justice

We are all more socially aware and your family will be pleased to know we work with disadvantaged youth to provide free Holiday clubs as part of a £200 million project for the Department of Education in six counties in England.

UK and international STEM, digital and sustainability firms will pay for scholarships for UK youth suffering hardship to experience a summer school in 2024.