Lisa McGee Education International Summer Schools

A Typical Day


Download a typical day’s timetable using the button on the right and explore more detail below.

A Typical Day includes ...


Short daily meetings start and end the day so that your child knows exactly what to expect. This is an opportunity to lead , ask questions or address the whole group. Staff are available at all times if children wish to speak to them individually.


We meditate daily for a very short time which helps to start each day with a sense of calm purpose. All staff are especially trained in this and enjoy the meditation as much as the children do! It is important to note that this is optional.

Technology and Mobiles

Mobiles are allowed at all times for communicating with family and taking photos with friends to remember the good times. We like to look after mobiles while your children are busy in the water, studying, doing sports and other activities.


A prayer room is available for all children to use should they need it.

Lights Out

Bedtime is between 10 and 11 at night and some sites have wifi down from 11pm so we ensure your child has ample opportunity to call, email or message before this point.



Arts and Drama Residential

Additional weeks in August

Ages 11-13

Sports Residential