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Learning is for everyone

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Alternative Education

Based in the Tees Valley, our mission is to provide a quality, individual education for young people age 5-16 who would benefit from an alternative education provision.

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Holiday Activity and Food Programme (HAFs)

We are an approved provider for the Department of Education funded HAFs to prevent Holiday Hunger in young people aged 5-16 eligible for Free School Meals.

We have provided thousands of meals for young people over three counties. We have provided STEM, arts and Physical activity enrichments as well as hosted performances and more.

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Online Tuition

With over 20 years of experience of tuition including entrance exams, Lisa McGee Education offers a professional, friendly and successful online tuition service tailored for a one to one service.

Call for an initial assessment in English, maths or science. All tutors are fully qualified teachers who currently work in the classroom , including experience in private schools. We teach young people from age 5-16. Our reviews and recommendations reflect our core qualities which build confidence, hold high standards and support families.

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About Me

As an experienced, professional and highly qualified Primary teacher, I am passionate about all children reaching their learning goals. I have over 28 years experience successfully working with children in all settings and helping them grow in confidence and happiness. Happy children learn better.

From setting up new international schools to leading teams through OFSTED Inspections successfully, my experience has led me to believe that all children are natural learners. They deserve the chance to succeed with the right support. The relationship they have with their teacher or tutor is pivotal in this so all of our teachers and tutors are handpicked to inspire confidence, create exciting lessons and to foster a love of learning.

My qualifications include Masters in Education specialising in gifted education and thinking skills which is fundamental to all learning. I am a trained Royal Institution Masterclass organiser; a STEM RTC Ambassador and award-winning STEM leader.

We always listen to families and in this way we can offer the right support for you whether it is tuition; alternative education or Holiday and Food Activity Programmes.

Lisa McGee